At a point in time, I began to sense a string pull in my spirit towards kaduna; I was experiencing a continuous outpouring of revelation each time I stood to minister at the Kaduna church, which was not the case in Ilorin. That was what led to the need for my wife and I to go in prayer, seeking a clear direction from God on whether we should proceed to Kaduna as the new base of the church or settle down in Ilorin.

On that glorious morning, as we knelt down praying, God said to me at a point,

"Stand up, take your Bible and open it"
June 24, 1984

While I was not looking for any scripture in particular, I opened my Bible and Acts 22 verse 10 leaped out at me. And I said, "what shall I do?" And The Lord said to me,

"Arise and go into Damascus; and there it shall be told thee of all things
which are appointed for thee to do."

June 24, 1984

This scripture thundered at me, as it were, immediately I could interpret Kaduna as Damascus, where Christ and the church would be persecuted. I saw Kaduna as the city of persecution. Immediately, I tapped my wife, saying, "Get up, the Lord has spoken!"

I showed her the scripture that the Lord had just given me and that was the end of the prayer! That was how the base of the church moved from Ilorin to Kaduna. This was June 1984.

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