I was on a trip to Ilesha, now in Osun State of Nigeria on May 1st, 1981, on the look-out for the welfare of a Christian friend that I had not heard from, for some time. I was concerned, not knowing if he needed any form of attention. This was how I came into my place of encounter. I got to this brother’s place, but he wasn’t there. There was a note on his door announcing that he had travelled. Something gracious came out of me – “All things work together to the advantage of them that love the Lord.” It was soothing; I felt no disappointment at all!   

Then the Holy Spirit said to me,

“Look out for a quite place, I want to talk to you.”

 This was a timely instruction, because I had quite a lot of Christian friends in that town and I could have had a lot of fun being with them that day. However, I obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit, and asked a passerby if there was any hotel on the outskirts of the town, where I could lodge. And that was how I met with destiny!

The quiet place I found was one International Hotel, Ilesha. It was a ‘great’ hotel, and I disliked the state of both the building and in particular the room. But I knew from my inside that I had to be there. Behold, as I knelt down to give thanks in that wonderful room, the encounter began! This lasted for eighteen hours. In that great vision, I saw a lineup of the afflicted and oppressed, broken, beaten, battered, the blind, the lame and the wretched. I saw all kinds of deformities, that I was greatly bewildered. I heard their wailing as they filed past me. Their groaning was so intense that I could almost feel their pains.

I could not help it, and so I began to cry and sob along with them. “Lord, what is this?” I asked. I heard God say to me, And from the beginning it was not so. I broke down the more in tears. In the midst of all that I kept asking, “but why Lord?” And I heard God say distinctly to me,

And from the beginning it was not so and now,
the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil,
through the preaching of the Word of faith; and I am sending you to undertake this task.

My sobbing became even more intense, as I asked the Lord, “Lord, why me?” I had always thought I would remain in the helps ministry, where I would be a blessing to the kingdom through my giving and services. However, I rose from the eighteen-hour long vision fully persuaded of God’s call upon my life into the ministry. This was how I received the Liberation Mandate.

I spent the next few days trying to analyze the content of the vision, and to understand its import, so as to know how to carry it out.

I came to discover that the Liberation Mandate defined four vital issues:

  • The task: To liberate mankind from all oppressions of the devil.
  • The target: The world.
  • The tool: The preaching of the Word of Faith.
  • The time: Now - And now the hour has come.

Therefore, this church is clearly a Word of Faith ministry. In the words of Apostle Paul, …immediately I arose and conferred not with flesh and blood. Gal. 1:16.

By the 8th of May, 1981, I convened a meeting of some  friends to share this heavenly vision with them so as to ask them to join in  prayers for the execution of this heavenly mandate.

    This meeting  held in one of the lecture rooms at United Missionary Theological Chapel in  Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. We were about eighteen in number.

    It was this  group that metamorphosed into what came to be known as Power House, made up of  about seventy young men and women that formed a prayer and fasting chain. They  served as a forum for vision sharing, monitoring and other spiritual engagement  geared towards driving the vision.

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