In those early days in May 1983, a minister friend of mine and I were ministering to the Lord in fasting and prayers, when the Holy Ghost spoke clearly.

God says, ignorance (the absence of knowledge) destroys.

"I will, through this Ministry, raise the foundation of many other ministries"
MAY, 1983

The Mandate was clear: "A training scheme is to be put in place in the Ministry". But God confirmed that it is His school. Below is the whole Story.

We admitted students for the pioneer class of WOFBI and they were to resume on the 1st of September 1986. On August 25, however, my wife asked me, "The students are resuming in a few days, where will the classes hold?" that was because we still hadn't secured any venue for the school to resume. Humorously, I answered her, 'Is it your school ?' As I said that, God immediately opened my eyes to a property on Katsina Road, opposite HECAN Church, a 3 storey building that had been there all the while. He said to me. "That is the Bible School". It was so dramatic!When I got to the office, I called one of our staff and told him to go to Katsina Road and find out the owner of the 3-storey building opposite HECAN Church. I told him, "That's where the Bible School will be'. When the Staff got there, the Landlord was standing right in front of the building, and he asked him, "Sir, are you the landlord of this building?"
'Jesus is the Landlord, I'm the caretaker,' he responded.

When the staff told him that we needed the building for a Bible School, he said, If it's for Bible school, then it's for free'. That same day, two floors of that building were given to us free! That gave me all the confidence in this world that, indeed, it was His School. We used that venue for three years, without paying a dime as rent, and the landlord even became one of our pioneer students.

Since then, WOFBI has continued to break grounds and it has become a major thrust in our pursuit of the Liberation Mandate.

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