On 29th June, 1992, God declared the following:

"It's time for change!
Prepare for the imminent change of phase I have talked about over the years.
It shall be an era of signs and wonders!
It’s a new dimension of a higher order
Begin to declare a total war against the kingdom of darkness;
Proclaim liberty, emphasize power and step into the realm of anointing.
Usher in this new era with me!
It’s time for the restitution (replacement/restoration) of all things, which the mouth of the Lord has spoken! (Acts 3:20/21)
It's time to administer the forces of the Spirit that will enable the saints to take up their inheritance in Christ.
I am launching you into the apostolic phase of your ministry for pace-setting.
Therefore 'walk before me and be thou perfect' and I will perform every word of mine in your direction.
I open up the gates of the nations to you today!"
- June 29, 1992

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