We serve a humorous God, just about two weeks ti the dedication of the Winners Complex, precisely on December 21, 1995, the Spirit of the Lord said to me:

"I will yet relocate my church to her Rehoboth, a place of her enlargement"
-  December 21, 1995

Strange it was to me, "this beautiful complex will be dedicated on the 3oth of December and here is God saying, "I will yet relocate my church". However, with the grace for prompt response to divine instruction, that will not be less than a hundred acres.

On a particular day in January 1997, while driving down to check the land, I began to wonder where we were going, I became upset, "why must we come this far to build a church?" But we were in a convoy of vehicles so it was difficult to ask to make a U-turn, but when we eventually got here, I asked that we pray and thank God, and as we prayed, I heard the Spirit of God say,

"this is the place"
- January 1997

There was no council decision; no counsel from any man could have prevailed to bring us to this place. But thank God, it is His appointed place for this global ministry and it shows.

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