While preparing to return to school in 1973, a man visited my uncle. He was an Area Education Officer. He asked if I could take up a relieve teaching job for someone who had gone on maternity leave. I jumped at the opportunity, as every open door for evangelism interested me. I was to spend about 70 days on the job. I got to the village called, Dumagi, in Shonga Local Government Area of Kwara State, where I met a teacher, whom I thought must be a Christian or at least a church goer, going by his name : Abraham. I asked him what church or churches were in the village, and he said none. “Not even a Catholic church ? ’’ I asked in surprise. This was because Catholic churches were everywhere by reason of its spread. But he replied, “Nothing.’’

When I got to my hut, I knelt down and prayed. I said, “Lord, let me never leave this village the same way I met it. Lord, put Your name in this village.’’ My friend spoke the local language (Nupe) very well. So, I was the preacher and he, my interpreter. We began to hold a fellowship at the entrance porch of our residential compound, and the number of worshippers began to grow. We engaged in strategic evangelism by requesting to visit the parents of our pupils to pray for them in their houses around the same time they normally would be set to go to the mosque which was by 5:30a.m. Since teachers were treated as kings in the villages those days, every scheduled appointment to visit their homes was always greeted with great honour, respect and expectation.

This was how we led many of them to Christ. The number of worshippers began to grow, and we approached the village head for a piece of land, which he gave us. Mobilizing the pupils, we built a temporary shelter for our church made out of palm fronds. About forty days after my arrival in the village, a church building was in place in that village. It was a great move of God!.


On my last Sunday in the village (the 72nd day), the church was packed full with the village folks, and something prophetic happened. The oldest man in the church was asked to present a farewell gift to me on behalf of the church.
He stood up and said, “We have heard that wherever church gets to, civilization gets there too. Thank you for bringing civilization to our village.’’ He then continued, “Silver and gold we have none, but we give you this bush lamp (lantern); that the light you have brought to our village, let it shine round the world.” They then presented the lantern to me, a prophetic symbol indeed!

My interpreter then is today Deacon Abraham Kuranga of the UMCA Church.


Along side my studies, the years between 1974 and 1979 were schools of the Holy Ghost indeed in my life. My itinerant preaching engagements multiplied mostly among young and emerging ministries, such as deeper Life, Christ for Rural Areas Ministries, campus fellowships, Youth Seminars and Secondary Schools.

Most of the discoveries that gave this Ministry its unusual footing were made during this period. For instance, between 1974 and 1975, I read books such as, Like a Mighty Wind and the Gentle Breeze of jesus by Mel & Nona tari. Both were about the many revivals in Indonesia, which were characterized by supernatural manifestations, miracles, signs and wonders. Those books stirred up my hunger for the supernatural power of God in my life. i also came across a book titled, the Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale. This also imparted my spirit for mental excellence.

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