I embarked on a 3-day mission to Imo Hill in Ilesha, studying the book of Ezekiel with craving to access the unction of the Prophet Ezekiel. It was a unique experience for me. The first day I arrived at the mountain, it was a serpent that welcomed me. As It fell before me, I smiled that it must be the Garden of Eden. I was going to sleep on that mountain with them since there was no shelter.

When I was not about to be scared by the serpent, the sky turned glue-rain fell heavily and I was drenched. After the rain from heaven, the 'rain from the tree' started falling, It was piercing like a needle but I was full of joy and expectation. I was reading the book of Ezekiel with torchlight, I prayed, read and sang,. The following day, sunshine came and dried the water off my body and clothes.

On the third day, as I was winding up, God said to me:

"My son David, behold I have touched your tongue with coal of fire
and from henceforth, as you say it, you will see it"

September, 1976

That was when God placed authority on my tongue.

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