I had an encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit as I was reading a book titled THE PURPOSE OF PENTECOST by a world renowned evangelist - T.L Osborne. I heard His voice very audibly in a most dramatic fashion that same day. I discovered from that book by inspiration of the Holy Ghost, that the Holy Spirit is neither a thing nor a felling, not falling nor tongues, but a person - who speaks , guides and shows us things to come - John 16:12...14.

I took off on a trip to a nearby town to share this great experience with some Christian friends. On getting to where they lived, I discovered that they had moved. Then I said, 'Holy Spirit, I don't want to ask anyone, if truly you are a person, lead me to where they moved to by yourself'. And for the first time in my life I heard the audible voice of the Holy Spirit say, 'go forward'. When I got to the main road, he said, 'son, make a left' - I went on and got to a T-junction, I asked Holy Spirit, 'where do I turn next', He said audibly to me again, 'make a left' - It was a most soothing walk with the Holy Spirit!.

Then I came to another T junction and asked the Holy Ghost again and He said, 'make a Left'. I said, 'wait a minute, Holy Ghost, do you know the geography of this place? This estate you are asking me to turn into is the Federal Works Department's staff housing estate for workers in Highway construction!' Then He withdrew and I felt His absence. So, I went ahead as directed and His presence came back. While I walking to the end of the road I said, 'Holy Ghost, I am getting close to the end of the road' - He responded, 'so what'. As I went on, a building but one to the end of the road, I turned to my right and behold, I saw some clothes on the line that I could recognize as belonging to one of them. Without asking anyone, one of the brethren came out, saw me and screamed, ' Brother David! How did you know we have moved here?’

The power of God fell on me as I ministered to them in a most unusual dimension. That was how the Holy Ghost led me to locate a place in a town, without the aid of any man.

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