Something amazing happened in 1970. My mother has suffered all kinds of deadly attacks on her children. I knew of at least two f my younger ones that had died. I was on holiday, and my younger brother had measles, it was so severe that he passed on at dawn.

My mother wanted to cry out, but I said to her, "If you cry, he would be gone forever. Don't cry. Put him on your back, and let's move him to my father's new project site". She carried the seven-year old boy on her back, and I walked behind her, shielding her from the back, so passers-by that early morning would not notice the dangling legs of the dead child. We got to the property, and I asked her to lay the child on the planks. Then I prayed. I can't remember what I said, but it was a heart cry. "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus". I screamed, and bless God; the boy came back to life.

Jesus, I believe You are enough for my life and Destiny:

In 1972, my father who did not belong to the faith then offered me some charm for goodluck. I rejected it, and he said to me, "Let me then see how you will succeed". One of my uncles standing by said to me, "Just take it from him first". I did, and on my way to school I threw the talisman into the stream. i said, "Jesus, I believe You are enough for my life and destiny".

Then came examination time in my final year. I was afflicted with a mysterious whitlow on the middle finger on my right hand. It started at about 3:30pm, and by 9:00pm, it had grown very big and painful. I went to the school's dispensary, and the nurse exclaimed, "This is not ordinary! You better leave your exam and go home for urgent attention". But I said “No, Go is up to any challenge". I had three exams the following day Concentration was bad, and the pain was terrible. My writing was virtually illegible, because of the central role of the afflicted finger in writing. Yet I wrote the five papers and still came out with a second class division in the secondary school certificate examination.

Disciplined and spiritually robust:

At graduation from secondary school in 1972, a magazine was published for the graduating students and comments written under each person's name. Sometimes in 2005, I was given a copy of that old magazine. Under my name was written: "Disciplined and spiritually robust".

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