On one beautiful evening in the month of July 1983, I was in a deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit walking around our dining room when God suddenly spoke saying:

"I will not have you go like others have gone. I will have hands laid on you so you can be filled with the Spirit of Wisdom".
-- JULY 1983

Then I asked, “Lord, who will lay hands on me?”
And He said:

"Send for my servant Adeboye, and I will have him lay hands on you and you shall be filled with the Spirit of Wisdom.".

I had heard of Pastor E.A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God then, but we had never met, neither had I ever been to any of his meetings. But because whenever I hear from God I don’t drag my feet, I went ahead and did as God said. I sent a message to him telling him what God told me. He sent a reply that he was slated for another meeting on the same date I had given him. I, therefore, went back to God to report the development and God told me he was going to come.

Before my letter got to him, God told him that he would have to come for the commissioning as scheduled. That settled it! His message at the commissioning service was highly prophetic.

He took his message from Luke 19:28-40, speaking about the ass that Jesus rode to Jerusalem. He made the following prophetic and profound statement -

"This ministry will succeed, whether you support it or not…The glory will be so heavy; but don’t allow the glory to blind your eyes to the Rider of the ass, because when Jesus alighted from the ass, nobody knew where the ass went…".
Luke 19:28-40

and here we are today basking in the glory of the Lord with the understanding that it is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

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