By the 8th of May, 1981, I convened a meeting of some friends to share this heavenly vision with them so as to ask them to join in prayers for the execution of this heavenly mandate.

This meeting held in one of the lecture rooms at United Missionary Theological Chapel in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. We were about eighteen in number. It was this group that metamorphosed into what came to be known as Power House, made up of about seventy young men and women that formed a prayer and fasting chain. They served as a forum for vision sharing, monitoring and other spiritual engagement geared towards driving the vision.

We have a number of the Power House faithfuls who are still very much active in this church till date. Prominent among these is Faith Oyedepo, the first one to ever hear the vision shared and who has been standing with me since then (We were in courtship then and preparing to get married).

Another member of the Power House is David Abioye, a most consistent, faithful and profitable son in the gospel for over 30 years now. Others who are ministers and leaders in the church today include Olatunji Adeyemi, Nathan and Charity Ichor, Olufemi Modupe, and Isaac Oladapo.

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