In view of the enormous work on ground at Kaduna in the early days of the Lagos church I was shuttling between Lagos and Kaduna. Lagos this Sunday, Kaduna next Sunday. I was always in Kaduna anytime I had any outreach up north.

On a particular day in the month of May 1990, concluding a seminar in the city of Jos on Saturday night, I started racing down to minister at Sunday service in Kaduna church. Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,

When you were the Pastor of the Kaduna church;
-May 1990

were?” I questioned. I did not have the patience to listen to what followed;I shouted, “Who then is the Pastor?” And God said, Send for my servant David (Abioye), he shall be the shepherd of the flock.” While ministering at the church that Sunday morning in my characteristic manner, I shared with the congregation exactly what the Lord told me. God said to me, “when you were the Pastor of this church”. This was how the pastorate of the Kaduna church changed hands by divine order. From that very day, I ceased to see myself as the Pastor of that church. The good news is, there was no rethink or regret but testimonies of growth and expansion.

Today, Kaduna church is a beauty to behold.

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