Ability to pick divine signals through Rhema, visions and revelations has been the secret behind every step, move and decision that has led to the great accomplishment of the church.

God was blessing the Church in Kaduna, also all the Churches planted were already growing and blossoming. Everything was going on so well. However, in the early morning of 19th July, 1989, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in clear terms:

"Arise, get down to Lagos and raise me a people"
19th July, 1989

I tried to becloud this voice but it kept coming again and again.

I had deep and personal dislike for the city of Lagos; it would be my last choice of a place to live. Moreover, we were having the best of times in Kaduna and God was pouring out His Spirit and signs and wonders were the order of the day. God was glorifying His name in the Church in Kaduna, and my family and I had just moved into a new house – a very beautiful one. Humanly speaking, there would be no reason to think about relocating to Lagos, yet the voice of the Lord kept coming at almost five minute intervals.

I left for the office that morning trying to get seriously busy so as to clear this “disturbing” voice that was “troubling” me. I called my secretary and asked for a number of files and started working on them but the voice kept coming: "Arise, get down to Lagos and raise me a people"

I had to surrender at about 2.00pm by dispatching one of the staff to proceed to Lagos. I asked him to go to Agege area in Lagos, Nigeria, where I had never been to myself and instructed him to go to one of our members who had just relocated from Kaduna to Lagos on transfer. He was to inform him of his three-fold mission: to get a place for worship, apartments for staff and accommodation for me. To the glory of God, within two weeks, all the properties required for take - off as outlined above were secured and all within the same environment!. These include the Church facility – a three storey building to accommodate the Church, Bible school, Children’s Hall, a block of flats for staff and also a residence for me. While declaring the Lagos mandate to the church in Kaduna, I called it Lagos Invasion Project drawn from the Mission statement itself; "Arise, get down to Lagos and raise me a people"

Also in response to my questions on how to enter Lagos, the Lord gave me the name WINNERS’ CHAPEL
which validates the Prophetic encounter I had on 4th October, 1981. “The Living faith is the acting faith and the acting faith is the winning faith and that is the conquerors’ faith… since we are heaven – bound Winners, then we are strict word–actors. Word–actors are triumphant conquerors”. This is why our church is known today as Living Faith Church Worldwide (a.k.a. Winners’ Chapel International).

I think God personally invaded Lagos. The birth of the Lagos church was preceded by a four – day seminar which culminated in the first Sunday service on 24th September, 1989 with about 300 people in attendance.

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