Just nineteen days to the time that the Winners’ Complex, “Capernaum”, at 38, Raji Oba Street, Iyana Ipaja, - Lagos was to be dedicated (12th December, 1995), God said to me in very clear terms that

“I will yet relocate my Church to another Rehoboth” — her place of enlargement

12th December, 1995.

Immediately, we dispatched emissaries to look for large acreage of land, where we could accommodate the mammoth crowd the Church had already commanded. That was how we got to our current location, which is about 30 kilometres away from our former place of worship. I got so upset while driving in that direction. I was reacting so sharply on how anybody would imagine that a church could be located in such a far away forest.
I questioned severally, asking the people with me in the car, “Do you think we are looking for land for farming?”
However, because we were moving in a convoy of vehicles, it was not easy for us to make a u-turn, so as not to create a scene on the highway; so I endured until we got there.
I was so sure in my heart that this could not be the place we were looking for, but I was eventually proved wrong.
As we got to the frontal part of the property, I asked the people that came along with me that we should pray and thank God for the effort made thus far in searching for a suitable property. As we continued to give thanks, God said to me,

“This is the place.”

At that point I stopped the people and told them that God just spoke to me that “This is the place.”

God’s favour was at work here. Before we knew it, we had acquired 530 acres of property, fully fenced round and by May 8, 1998 we had secured all the titles to the land signed, sealed and delivered.

On August 29th 1998, we held a ground breaking service at Canaanland in preparation for the commencement of construction.

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