I was diagnosed with ulcer and went through major surgerues, one of which was abdominal surgery. Later, it degenrated to appendix and subsequently, kidney problem. Since then, I went from one hospital to the other, but to no avail. At a point, I became very weak and could not walk.

From July to September 2013, I thought my health was restored, but the challenge re-surfaced. Thereafter, a wheel chair was recommended. Meanwhile, my mother had to quit her job to cater for me, because I couldn't do anything on my own.

In a bid to find a lasting solution, my family and I came to Nigeria for Shiloh 2013 to have an encounter  with the God of Bishop Oyedepo. During one of the night sessions, as the Bishop Ministered, I felt a strange power and discovered that I could move my legs. Suddenly, I stood from the wheel chair and was made perfectly whole! I give God all the glory" -- Christelle Abega (Cameroun)

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