Esther Luka and Nanpak Kumzumwan receive full scholarship from David Oyedepo Foundation

Esther Luka and Nanpak Kumzumwan receive full scholarship from David Oyedepo Foundation:

Esther Luka and Nanpak Kumzumwan are two of the numerous children at the Stephens Center with passionate life stories.

Due to their passionate life stories (Read their full stories here) and their exceptional academic performances they were given full scholarships by David Oyedepo Foundation to study Microbiology at the Landmark University, Omuaran, Kwara state.

They have now resumed school and we send our prayers and blessings with them. To uphold them and keep them in good spirit and at their bests.

David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) is Charitable Organization dedicated to the children and youth.Β The David Oyedepo Foundation is a not for profit organization that is committed to raising individuals and platforms that would in turn bring about change to the economy of Africa as a continent and by ripple effect, the rest of the world.

We are a Christian organization, guided by the principles of Christ. As an organization, we are committed to spreading the message of Christ and His love in everything we do. Our actions are centered on the fact that we must take personal responsibilities as citizens for the changes we want to see in our nation and continent at large.

It is a proven ideology that education has provided the driving force for economic, social and cultural development in all developed nations. It is therefore only through education that Africa as a continent can produce large number of individuals that have acquired qualities demanded for the development of the African Industrial and economic world.

Our strategy for causing change in the African continent is great investment in Education.
We believe greatly that the wealth and status of any nation is directly proportional to the educational level of its citizens.

Although investment in the education of people is a long-term investment, we believe that it is the most valuable kind of investment. Hence we seek to create platforms for maximum investment in the education of the African people.

We seek to produce people who in addition to sound academic and technical knowledge possess strength of character, strong leadership skills, a contribution mind-set and most importantly a Christ-centered world view.

We believe that we are not keepers of wealth, but a channel through which the love of Christ can flow to all the nations of the earth. Therefore, although our focus is predominantly education we also seek to create platforms where social rejects can be reintegrated into the society as independent and self-sustainable individuals.

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