Prophetic declaration for this week

Everything holding down your marital destiny is broken today in the name of Jesus!
Every bitter family life, the siege is finally over today in Jesus’ name!
Every embattled family, within 7 weeks, I decree your restoration in the name of Jesus!
Everything sitting on your marital destiny is unseated today in Jesus’ name!
None of your married sons and daughters will come back home, they will remain happily married!
Whatever the storm is in your home, I decree peace be still!
Receive a fresh baptism of the Spirit of vision and revelation!
Every of your secret tears are turned to open testimonies today!
For those on the line for marriage, I declare you married today!
My God will surprise you; there shall be commotions of proposals!
Any manipulation of the enemy covering your martial destiny is removed in the mighty name of Jesus!
Nigeria shall remain one, great and be in peace in Jesus’ name!
Whatever our challenge is in this nation will be turned to open testimonies in Jesus’ name!
Every of your labour will translate to favour and your struggles to miracles this week!
I decree the month of October your season of harvest in Jesus’ name!

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