The story s humbling, but the glory goes back to Jesus, the one that took praise didnt know he took danger, Praise was carried out 2 years ago, evrything taken away from you must return, In this midst of the year the Lord will send his troops into the camp of his enemies, every everlasting mountins shall be scattered,and every perpertual hills shall be scattered

Praise was stolen from Canaanland 2 years ago. The man that stole this child came under divine vengeance immediately, first he became partially blind, the vehicle he bought from the proceeds of selling this child was snatched from him thesame day, then afflictions upon afflictions came on him, his legs became swollen and blotted, water was in his chest, and according to him, he saw me holding a sword, appearing to him in the dream, saying, look at the grave, release d child, look at the grave, release d child, look at the grave, release d child,so when he was about dieing he said, get me to the nearest winners chapel, he said: "I saw the the Bishop", which one, "Bishop Oyedepo, holding a sword and pursuing me, saying look at the grave, release the child"

He said, I know the woman I gave the child to, though I cannot see, they got to the woman in Enugu, and the child was handed over.

No matter what has been robbed you, No matter how far they've taken it, they are coming back today in the name of Jesus. Look at this child, stretch forth your hands saying, whatever I have lost is coming back also, go ahead and pray in the Spirit, thesame way praise is back, its coming back, In Jesus Name.

This is praise and her twin sister. Praise has come back, and eveil will never strike on any of them forever

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